Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend
Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend

Kashmiri Sozni Hand-embroidered Black Shawl | Pure Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend

Original Handwoven Shawl | 60% Pure Pashmina 40% Fine Grade Sheep Wool

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Product Description
  1. Luxurious & Handwoven Pashmina & Sheep Wool Blend Shawl from Kashmir
  2. Genuine Sozni Hand-embroidery by Kashmiri Artisans
  3. A Blend of 60% Pure Pashmina Wool & 40% Fine Grade Sheep Wool

Handwoven Pashmina Shawls are a pride of Kashmir. This is a lovely, sophisticated and lightweight handwoven & hand-embroidered shawl, that makes for a perfect gift for yourself or a cherished loved one.

It is an enthralling black Pashmina shawl with intricate Sozni hand-embroidery. Sozni embroidery is a pure handwork by skilled Kashmiri artisans. It's done with thin needles using silk or woollen threads. This shawl has beautiful rose vine jaal design, embroidered in pink and gold colors with floral border on all sides. Stay cozy and stylish with this unique blend of luxury and tradition!

  • The shawl has a delicate and feathery soft texture, with discernible pure wool hair strands on both ends.
  • You can easily wear this shawl for any occasion and style it with a range of outfits whether you're lounging at home, working in the office, or socializing at parties.
  • It is so humbling to know that hand-embroidered Pashmina shawls and stoles are made from long hours of intense labour by very skilled and dedicated Kashmiri handloom weavers and artisans. And thus we advise and request Pashmina buyers across the world to cherish and preserve their investment with care.
  • To inform our valued customers, it's important to note that pure pashmina handwoven shawls come with a higher price tag due to their exquisite quality. To make these luxurious shawls more accessible to a wider audience, weavers often blend pashmina with other fibers. This allows us to offer a range of options that maintain the softness and elegance of pashmina while providing a more affordable choice for our customers.
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From Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmiri Sozni Embroidery

GI Tagged - Yes

Sozni is one of the finest, exquisite and luxurious hand embroidery form, from Kashmir valley in India. The word 'sozan' means needle in Persian; and thus 'sozan-kaari' or 'sozni' equates to this incredibly beautiful delicate needlework. It is practised mostly by Kashmiri men, either at home or commercial workshops (called as karkhanas). Sozni embroidery is a very time consuming craft (sometimes it takes up to 6 months or more also) and requires adept craftsmanship and dedication.

The process of embroidery begins with a professional designer or naqash, who either draws a new design on a tracing paper and then carves the same on a walnut wooden block, or selects a design from hundreds of earlier carved blocks, and then using a washable chemical ink or charcoal powder, creates the imprints of the carved block on to the fabric. Now the master craftsman selects the color palette for the design and creates a sample embroidery pattern, which is then handed over to another professional kaarigar for completion. Once finished, the product is washed and cleaned before it is ready for the market.

Almost all of the embroidered cashmere pashmina shawls and stoles are very thin needle Sozni work - using woollen or silk threads - as these threads lend a very rich look and feel - with the soft and delicate pashmina wool fabric!

The rich cultural heritage of the valley, colorful flora and fauna & picturesque landscape has deep influence on the Kashmiri people and is their constant source of inspiration, which is very evident in their choice of embroidery motifs as well. Marigold, daffodils, rose vines, chinar leaves, paisleys, parrots, canary, woodpecker, etc. are the most popular motifs in all forms of Kashmiri embroidery.

Most definitely, the exceptional skill of artisans and the unparalleled beauty of Kashmiri Sozni embroidery truly merit admiration and preservation!

Pashmina is the finest and most luxurious wool on the planet. Owing to its exceptional softness, light weight and elegance, it is also referred to as the 'Soft Gold' in Kashmir, India. Pashmina is synonymously called as cashmere wool in most parts of the world. Though factually all pashmina is cashmere but not all cashmere wool is pashmina. Pashmina wool is an ultra-thin fibre of diameter between 12 and 15 microns, while cashmere wool is little thicker comparatively, of diameter between 15 and 19 microns, although both belong to the category of fine grade luxurious wool. Cashmere wool is sourced from various different breeds of cashmere goats that are now reared in different parts of the world, and produce fibres of varying thickness. China is the largest producer of raw cashmere wool, followed by Mongolia. Other countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand also produce cashmere wool but in lesser amounts.

Pashmina, a subset of Cashmere wool, is derived from the undercoat of specific breed of Himalayan goat i.e. Changthangi goats (capra hircus), reared in Ladakh region in India, Tibet, Nepal and parts of Burma, at an altitude of around 4100 metres above sea level, with temperature dropping to -40°C in winters. To survive this extreme harsh and cold climate, Changthangi goat naturally grows an exceptionally soft, warm and lustrous fleece under the outer fur, which gets shed at the beginning of summers and again regrows in winters. The herders collect this fleece by combing the goats and not shearing, unlike in other wools, and sell this raw fibre to Kashmiri weavers. The handloom weavers of Kashmir have truly perfected the craft of hand weaving delicate Pashmina with the knowledge and skill set passed down to them through generations, to transform this raw fleece into beautiful shawls, scarves, stoles and throws, etc. which has now positioned Pashmina as a symbol of luxury and remarkable craftsmanship. Indian government is continuously encouraging the rearing of pashmina-goats, and for a more scientific breeding policy, which could improve the yield of fleece and hence much better price for the herders. Image Credits: Changthangi goats in Ladakh | CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED