Artist painting Pattachitra on Canvas Artist painting Pattachitra on Canvas
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Folk & Tribal

... paintings from across India
Pashmina Shawl Pashmina Shawl

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Pure Handloom Clothing for Men & Women
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We love, care & protect

... our artisans, customers and the planet alike.

We greet you with a bouquet of the Traditional & the Contemporary Decorative & Wearable Indian Art forms

Beautiful, Aesthetic & Graceful
Fashionable, Eclectic & Impressive
Simple, Sober & Gorgeous

Mesmerizing Krishna

Cheerful & Colorful Wall Paintings

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Ganesha Madhubani

This wonderful Mithila painting of Lord Ganesha symbolises Divine Grace and Prosperity. The central image shows Ganapati in 'abhay' mudra' and with 'laddus' in His other hand ...

Our ethos

Genuine & Authentic

We hand-pick each product from authentic and registered suppliers, known and recognized for their artisanship and use of genuine raw materials.

Skin friendly

We appreciate and promote the use of natural and sustainable fibre for all our clothing needs & non-toxic craft forms for living spaces.

Indigenous Craft

Be it a hand-painting, or a sari, or any hand-crafted decor, we proudly curate products made by the skilled regional artists and craftsmen from across India.

Saura Art

Tree of Life

Symbolic of Growth, Strength, Individuality, Stability and Beauty. It gives a sense of hope, peace and calm in this chaotic and noise filled surroundings.

Elegant B&W Artworks

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What is Painting?

The perspective you never had ...

Colours and images have meaning and concept. Surfaces have names. Painting can be temporary or permanent. Know the hidden perspective.

Mighty & Royal

Madhubani Elephant

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Palm Leaf Bookmarks

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