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Pattachitra Paintings: Folklores of Odisha, frozen in time

For centuries Pattachitra has depicted Religious rituals and beliefs. But today, Pattachitra style of handpainting is part of Home Decor Art also. Know the story of centuries-old Art from Orissa.

Woven Silk - Bespoke Elegance

Silk is a symbol of bold elegance and passion for fashion. Modern Silk attire stands out from the crowd. Silk is also the canvas of choice for Handicraft and Decorative Art Forms. Know about Origin of Silk and its Evolution.

Madhubani Art or Mithila Art

Traditionally, Madhubani folk paintings are handmade by women artists of Mithila region in Bihar, on the walls of Houses and Community Places. Natural colours are painted on Canvases using twigs and leaves.  These paintings often show big, bulging, fish-like eyes and sharp noses. Much sough-after these days, in India and Worldwide, for their beauty and detail. Read more interesting facts.

What is Painting? The perspective you never had.

Colours and Images have meaning and concept. Surfaces have names. Painting can be temporary or permanent. Know the hidden perspective.

Story of Beautiful Indian Folk and Tribal Art

Watching an artist couple, Savita and Ranjan, using their skills of painting an ancient art form, we take a trip, at warp speed, through the history of Indian Art - from pre-historic to today.