Batik Canting Batik Canting
Wax-resist dyeing

Batik art.

Handmade paintings from Gujarat
Raffia Palm Sling Bag
Jute & Raffia Palm

Handwoven Bags.

Make a Sustainable Fashion Statement
Chanderi Saree Chanderi Saree
Coming Soon

Curated Sarees.

Handwoven Suits & Sarees from across India
Geographical Indications GI Tag
Geographical Indications (GI) Tag

Authentic creators only.

We assure authenticity, quality and distinctiveness of every GI-tagged product that we procure & sell

हम आपको पारंपरिक और समकालीन सजावटी और पहनने योग्य भारतीय कला रूपों के गुलदस्ते के साथ स्वागत करते हैं

सुंदर, सौन्दर्यपरक और मनोहर
फैशनेबल, उदार और प्रभावशाली
सरल, सौम्य और भव्य

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Natural Fibre Shoulder Bags

सभी को देखें
New Arrival
New Arrival
बिक गया
Trendy & Ecofriendly

Jute Sling Bags

Compact Sling bag for your next friends get-together or your upcoming leisure day trip with school or college classmates!

Enthralling Tribal Art

Our ethos

Genuine & Authentic

We hand-pick each product from authentic and registered suppliers, known and recognized for their artisanship and use of genuine raw materials.

Skin friendly

We appreciate and promote the use of natural and sustainable fibre for all our clothing needs & non-toxic craft forms for living spaces.

Indigenous Craft

Be it a hand-painting, or a sari, or any hand-crafted decor, we proudly curate products made by the skilled regional artists and craftsmen from across India.

Saura Art

Tree of Life

Symbolic of Growth, Strength, Individuality, Stability and Beauty. It gives a sense of hope, peace and calm in this chaotic and noise filled surroundings.

Customer Reviews 🙂


Thank You i have received the same. Nice one!

Sandeep S
Thrissur, India

Hi! Yes I received the order yesterday. Love the quick delivery. Appreciate your efforts to keep Indian art alive. I loved the painting of Govinda Krishna. One feedback for the Jagganath print. It has this huge paper background which takes away the importance of the palm leaf. It would have been better if this had been only on the palm leaf.

Sanjeeb T
Hyderabad, India

Hello! I just wanted to reach out to say I absolutely loved the bookmark and the way it was so carefully packaged! Thank you!

Mehak J
Bengaluru, India
Hand-painted Madhubani

Royal Elephant

Beautiful Madhubani illustration of majestic elephant amidst natural foliage, heavy jewellery and hand-painted saddle cloth in check...

... evokes a sense of strength, calm and splendid beauty.

Madhubani Folk Paintings

सभी को देखें
बिक गया
 Historic Bharat to Contemporary India

Story of Beautiful Indian Folk and Tribal Art

Savita and her husband Ranjan are attending to shop's customers, while their younger son studies at the back of shop. Their elder daughter is at home preparing for tomorrow’s science test. ...

Hand-knitted Jute

Sturdy Travel Tote Bag

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Appliqué Work

Kids Pouches

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Love oneself

Zero-Plastic Waste Initiative

We love, care and protect... our artisans, customers and the planet alike.