Collaborators - Artist, Craftsman, and Collectives

Pan-India Collaboration with Independent Artists and Cooperatives

India has rich diversity in Arts, Crafts, and Handloom. Our traditional crafts, although affected by historical and geopolitical events, have survived and even evolved. 

At Kalantir, we work with Folk, Tribal, and Upcoming Artists and Groups to provide a mutually beneficial solution, that is also sustainable in long term.

Together we provide Quality Handmade and Natural products, that are beautiful and provide value to our customers.


Our Leading Collaborators

Award-Winning Madhubani Artist Couple - Pratima and Deepak

For over a decade, this young and talented couple from Darbhanga, Bihar has been creating Madhubani Art. Together they have made hundreds of Madhubani paintings, and some of them carry their own distinct styles combined with the traditional folk art.

Pratima has also won "State Award" for her outstanding work. Their paintings are owned by many people across Asia & the demand for their work is growing each year.

Mahila Shilpa Udyog Artisan

Mahila Shilpa Udyog from Jharkhand

Mahila Shilpa Udyog is a handicraft co-operative in Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand. The tribal women from remote villages associated with the co-operative, manufacture various terracotta items along with dhokra & metal jewellery necklace. 

Narotam Handloom from Kullu
Authentic manufacturers and suppliers of Woollen Shawls, Stoles, Jackets , Woollen Yarn & Woollen Fabric from Himachal Pradesh.

Manu Aggarwal, Brand owner of MATIN - It's handmade

Manu Aggarwal is a passionate hobbyist and professional engineer. Out of her curiosity and zeal for healthy and natural skin-care, she got trained in handmade soap-making from U.S.A. and then crafted handmade soaps there.

Now in India, Manu is pursuing her craft of Soap-making to let more people experience the touch of Nature and benefits of natural ingredients included in pure home-made and hand-crafted Soaps.

Kutchi Craftsmen

Bhuj Handloom, Kutch

Authentic manufacturers of Woollen Shawls, Stoles & bed linens, from Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat.

Mysore Silk, Karnataka 
Authentic Manufacturers & Suppliers of Silk Sarees, Dress materials & other Silk Fabrics.

Debasish Sahoo
Debasish Sahoo, a Pattachitra Artist from Bhubaneswar
For generations, his family has been dedicated to world-famous Pattachitra Paintings of Orissa. His family also specialises in other beautiful Art Forms of Odisha, like Palm Leaf Manuscript, Saura Tribal Art, and Stone Metal handicrafts.
They are a Puri-based cooperative of experienced and authentic artists, who are dedicated towards excellence in these Art Forms. Over the years their Art-works have cultivated a huge fan-following across the Globe.

Kailash Kumar, Madhya Pradesh
Kailash Kumar Pradhan is a Gond Tribal Artist from Dindori in Madhya Pradesh.

Raghuvansh Kumar from Delhi
Manufacturer of Wooden Handicraft Items from Delhi.

Bodh Shawl Weavers
Bodh Shawl Weavers from Kullu
Leading manufacturer and specialists in Handspun, Handwoven Shawls & Stoles, Woollen Yarn, Yak Wool, Silk Wool & other Woollen Fabric from Shamshi, Kullu in Himachal Pradesh and are widely recognized in North India.

Radhey Shyam Distributors, Bengaluru
Distributor of authentic Kalamkari Block Print bags from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Eastend Women and Child Development Organisation, Manipur
Eastend Women and Child Development Organisation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2006 by women from different districts of Manipur. The women in the organisation design and market bags, cushions and black stone pottery, also known as  longpi, which is also the traditional craft of Manipur.

Santa Kantha from Delhi
Authentic dealers of Kantha Suits, Sarees, Dupattas & Kantha embroidered fabric from Delhi.

Sasha Association, Delhi
Sasha Association Craft Producers are based in Delhi and deal in handicrafts and textiles from West Bengal, Orissa & other states of Eastern region.