About Kutchi Woven Art

Kutchi Woven Art is about 500 years old tradition of weaving wool into shawls & stoles in the Kutch region of Gujarat, in western India. These shawls are either embroidered with beautiful traditional motifs or tie-dyed in wonderful bright colors. Shiny mirrors are  then stitched onto the fabric.

Earlier popular as goat wool dhablas among the shepherds and camel herders, it's now been reinvented into wonderful contemporary shawls, home furnishings and throws.

It is fascinating to know that the choice of colors for the shawls & stoles is an attempt by the weavers to fill up for the bleak and dry landscape of the Thar Desert. The exuberant embroidery patterns are inspired by the local flora and fauna; and the style of stitches and motifs varies with each village and community in Kutch.