Krishna & Balram sitting on the chariot on their way to Mathura in this Pattachitra Painting from Orissa
Full View of Krishna & Balrama leaving for Mathura in this Pattachitra Painting
Closer view of Krishna & Balram in this Pattachitra Painting
Gopikas trying to stop the chariot in this Pattachitra Painting from Orissa
Closer view of Akrura driving the chariot
Gopika deeply saddened by Krishna leaving for Mathura, trying to stop the chariot wheels from moving in this Pattachitra Painting
Closer view of horses in this Pattachitra Painting from Orissa
Beautiful village view in this Pattachitra Painting from Orissa
Detailed view of the Pattachitra Painting from Orissa
Full view of Krishna & Balram leaving for Mathura in this  Pattachitra Painting from Orissa

Story from Bhagavatam | Krishna & Balrama leaving for Mathura | Pattachitra from Odisha | 30in x 40in


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Product Description

This story is from Bhagavatam about Krishna & Balrama leaving for Mathura with Akrura which leaves the gopikas and gopalas of Brindavan grief-stricken.

Then the Lord Himself gives gyan or knowledge to all the Gopikas and Gopalas that even the love for God which is in one’s own interest is mere selfishness. And thus one must transcend the ego and bodily attachment to cultivate Selfless Love to attain the state of Bliss & Divinity.

Story of the Painting

Akrura was a man of great wisdom and a devotee of Lord Narayana. He knew that Narayana has incarnated as a cowherd boy, Krishna in Brindavan. Akrura was a highly purified soul with no bodily attachment and has persevered for countless lives to achieve Divinity.

Krishna's maternal uncle, Kamsa also knew this truth and thus hand-picked Akrura for the task of inviting Krishna to Mathura to attend the Dhanur-Yajna, but with a wicked scheme to kill Him there and rule undisputed forever after. Kamsa had realized that Krishna and Balarama would never come to Mathura if they were invited by anyone besides Akrura. Akrura’s heart was so pure that God could never refuse him anything. 

Krishna and Balarama accepted the invitation and got ready to go to Mathura. Seeing Balarama and Krishna mounting Akrura’s chariot the next day, the gopikas and gopalas blocked the pathway, thereby not allowing Akrura to take their Krishna away from them. They were not worried about any harm that might be caused by the evil-minded Kamsa; instead their fear was that Krishna might not return to Brindavan. The gopikas and gopalas were drowned in sorrow. 

The gopikas said, "We do not desire any worldly ends. We want You for our mental satisfaction. People desire various things from You. We pray to You for You."

Then Krishna began to teach them jnana to get rid of ego and attachment and¬†recognize the truth about Atma. "The One who exists in you is ‚ÄėI‚Äô and the One in me is ‚ÄėI‚Äô also.¬†Ekovasi Sarva Bhoota Antar-aatma - The One God exists in all beings. So, do not feel sad. It is every man‚Äôs duty to fulfill the purpose for which the body is given. We must go to Mathura to fulfill our Mission."

Gopikas and Gopalas had to admit that keeping Krishna in Brindavan was an act of selfishness on their part. But despite the jnana they had just heard, gopikas and gopalas could not transcend their ego and attachment. They blocked the path to the chariot. They panicked and cried loudly, "Please don’t leave! How can we live? Take us with You!" They pleaded in many ways, even using harsh words on Akrura. Balarama and Krishna did not want to prolong their agony. They moved slowly forward, smiling, blessing and consoling all the time. This incident caused a few hours of delay. 

  • This painting¬†or chitra has been painted on a pure Tussar Silk cloth, which lends durability and gives longevity to the painting.
  • It is a detailed handmade art work by authentic artist of Orissa.
  • The Indian states of West Bengal and Orissa have their own style painting Pattachitras & differ in their use of motifs and each style has¬†been accorded Geographical Indicator Tag by the Govt. of India.

* The finer the art work is, the more value it adds to the paintings.


SKU - K100036
Dimensions - 30in x 40in
Framed - No
Color - Colored
Colors Used - Organic colors
Painting Surface - Tussar Silk
Quantity - 1
GI tagged - Yes
Origin - Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Subject - Religion & Mythology
Art Style - Folk art | Pattachitra Painting
Care Instructions - Do not bend this painting before getting it framed

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Traditional Art of Orissa

Pattachitra - a Sanskrit word, for the style of Hand Painting that originated in Orissa in 12 century B.C.,  i.e. more than 3000 years ago. It started when artists of Orissa, or Oriya Painters, started making Chitra (i.e. painting) on a Patta (i.e. palm leaf or canvas) as religious offering to temples. These paintings mostly show religious stories, deities and daily life events of people from that period using rich colorful application & creative motifs and designs. From canvas to colours, everything in Pattachitra paintings is prepared by hands of craftsman.


Pattachitra artist - Debasish Sahoo
Debasish Sahoo is an artist from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
For generations, his family has been dedicated to world-famous Pattachitra Paintings of Orissa. His family also specialises in other beautiful Art Forms of Odisha, like Palm Leaf Manuscript, Saura Tribal Art, and Stone Metal handicrafts.
They are a Puri-based cooperative of experienced and authentic artists, who are dedicated towards excellence in these Art Forms. Over the years their Art-works have cultivated a huge fan-following across the Globe.

Geographical Indicator or GI in short, is a tag allocated by the Government of India, as a recognition of intellectual property on natural or industrial products and processes, and traditional skills that are Exclusively associated with a particular place of origin.

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